Window Speaker Intercom System Dual Way Anti-Interference Intercommunication Microphone Talk Through Glass, Voice Intercom System for Business, Bank Counter, Store, Restaurant, Office, Station, School


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Dual-way Window Speaker Intercom System

  1. Fully automatic two-way intercom, automatic gain control.
  2. Have recording jack, external recording equipment can be connected.
  3. Internal and external volume can be adjusted separately.
  4. Application field: Banks, securities, hospitals, post offices, checkout counters, business halls, ticket offices, toll booths and other places.

About Window Speaker System

  1. Auto dual-way intercommunication ,anti-interference and noise-free function
  2. Special anti-side tone processing chip, with automatic squelch function, and can effectively eliminate the squeal
  3. With unique circuit and design , in the same time period only one side can speak, and the other side will be not allow to speak, so as to ensure the both sides can clearly hear the expression of each other
  4. With recorder jack, can output both route’s sound and signal
  5. Adopts high-powered microphone, elegant appearance, the voice is lifelike and clear; the volume of master station and substation can be adjusted separately

Full Duplex Technology

  1. Window intercom host and extension have independent working ability.
  2. They can receive and send information simultaneously for two-way communication.
  3. Automatically recognize and process signals without any operation during a call.

Volume Adjustable

Independent volume control, inside and outside volume knob can separately adjust the volume.

HD Recording Function

Multiple interfaces to meet your different office needs,the host also has a recording jack, which can connect record equipment external.

High Power Output

Dual-way audio record output;dedicated anti-side tone processing chip with auto-mute function.

High Quality Material

The panel texture is delicate and not rusty,wear-resistant, high temperature resistant and durable.

Compact size, beautiful and elegant.

Clear sound

clear communication,strong sound penetration, delicate and clear,bring high sound quality, make your service more quality.

Technical Parameters

Working Voltage: DC12V

Max.Working Current: 200mA

Output Power: 2W+3W

Microphone sensitivity : -10oC~60oC

Work environment term : 10Hz-15KHz

Outer Box Size : 14.5cm*13cm*10.5cm