Body Boost Fragrance Free Stretch Mark Butter, 8 oz-Repair Stretch Marks and Scars- Clinically Proven Ingredients- Pregnancy and Nursing Safe


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Product Description


For mark free skin, skin needs nutrition to remain healthy and strong during pregnancy. Your body uses your daily intake of food and drink to run core functions, so for your skin to get nourishment, you need to apply it topically. The key to strong, elastic skin is applying nourishment that absorbs deep down where skin needs it. Body Boost is packed with nourishing ingredients that fight stretch marks, absorb quickly and soothe itchy skin.


Itchies are the first warning sign that deeper damage is happening. Waxy butters and mineral oils that sit on top and coat the skin aren’t helping damage and stretch marks. For a better stretch, start early and nourish your skin often. Body Boost is the ultimate prenatal vitamin for the skin. Built for pregnancy- Stretch Mark Butter nourishes skin for a better stretch and bounce back.


pregnant woman using stretch mark butterBODY BOOST PRODUCTS ARE 100% FREE FROM-

  1. Parabens
  2. Rosemary Oil
  3. Clary Sage Oil
  4. Caffeine
  5. Artificial Colors
  6. Phthalates
  7. Mineral Oil
  8. Sulfates

Safe for Pregnancy and Nursing

Clinically Tested for Zero Allergy & Sensitivity

Made in the USA

NO Animal Testing and NO Animal Products

Toxicologist Approved for Mom & Baby.


  1. Gotu Kola: Plant Ingredient with a high concentration of Triterpenoids- natural compounds that strengthen core connective tissue for better resiliency and rejuvination. Show in studies to prevent and repair damage and scars.
  2. Rosehip, Grapeseed, Jojoba and Borage Oils: high in linoleic acid to fortify collagen and elastin.
  3. Shea: Nutrient rich and a perfect base butter for this targeted preventative blend.

Prevent and Repair Stretch Marks Now! Strong collagen and elastin fibers are the keys to stretch mark prevention and bounce back. This rich creamy butter promotes elasticity and resiliency in the lower layers of skin.

  1. This whipped blend of Gotu Kola, Jojoba and Shea strengthens Collagen and Elastin fibers for targeted Stretch Mark Prevention and Repair
  2. Clinical Studies show Gotu Kola works both with stretch mark prevention and helps fuel repair.
  3. Nutrient dense, Omega rich oils help with damage repair and collagen build
  4. Delicious all natural Aromas- Milk and Honey or Lavender Vanilla

pregnant woman using stretch mark butterHOW DO STRETCH MARKS OCCUR?

Over 80% of women experience stretch marks during or post pregnancy.

Genetics play a role, but so does lifestyle! None of us wants marks, so the solution is to feed your skin the nutrition it needs to maintain strength and elasticity.

For pregnant clients facing nine months of stretching, a safe and effective treatment like Body Boost is especially critical.

Skin’s core strength and elasticity comes from collagen and elastin fibers found in the dermis middle layer of skin. When stretched too far, these fibers can develop tears that show up as damage or stretch marks on the surface of skin. It can take up to six weeks before marks become visible, leaving your skin vulnerable to damage without your realizing it. Stretch marks appear in areas undergoing rapid change and in areas that store more fat such as the belly, breasts, thighs, hips, and backside


Cocoa Butter is a heavy, waxy butter that coats the skin. It sits on top instead of absorbing down deep where damage occurs. Shea is a nutrient rich, fast absorbing butter – better for stretch mark prevention and repair.

Shea is the better butter for stretch mark care. Fast absorbing and packed with skin nourishing essential fatty acids and Vitamins E, D & A. Shea is pure skin nutrition, ideal for building skin strength to prevent stretch marks