Balance From BF-D358 Dumbbell Set with Stand, 32 lb


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Product description

32-Pound Set with Stand

Dumbbells also require more muscular control than barbells, thus enhancing kinesthetic awareness.

The best part of training with dumbbells is it allows the athlete to train through a greater range of motion than barbells on some exercises.

Understand that it is sometimes more valuable to trade heavy weights (Barbells) for more sport-specific movements.

BalanceFrom Dumbbell Set with Stand

32-Pound Set with Stand

Training with dumbbells allows you to select resistance training exercises based on their similarity to actual movements that occurs during sports.

Dumbbells require more balance than training with barbells or machines, and balance is crucial for optimal performance.

This dumbbell set comes with 3 pairs of dumbbells in 3-pound, 5-pound and 8-pound sizes.

A weight stand is included as well.

  1. Neoprene coated
  2. Hex shape
  3. Weight stand included
  4. An assembly tool included

3 Sets Included

3 pairs of dumbbells in 3-pound, 5-pound, and 8-pound sizes.

Hexagon shaped

Hexagon shaped dumbbell heads are designed to prevent rolling.

Neoprene Coating

Neoprene material coating on weights allows for secure grip.

Contoured Handles

Contoured (ergo) handles are designed for easy and safe handling.

Come With Stand

An easy to assemble weight stand is included for neat storage.

Tool Included

Assembly tool is included for your Convenience too.
Style Name

32-Pound Set with Stand, 50-Pound Set with Stand