17.7″ x 15.5″ Large Dish Drying Rack, Attom Tech Home Roll Up Dish Racks Multipurpose Foldable Stainless Steel Over Sink Kitchen Drainer Rack for Cups Fruits Vegetables


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No modern kitchen is complete without the multipurpose roll-up dish drying rack from Attom Tech Home.. The versatile and essential kitchen accessory sports a sharp look and endless uses. Set it over your kitchen sink to rinse and drip-dry fresh produce. Place it on the counter top to dry dishes. A stainless steel, heat-safe construction makes it an excellent trivet to support hot cookware and protect your counters from blistering pots and pans. A soft BPA-free silicone coating cushions delicate dishware and is 100% food-safe. The convenient roll-up design keeps your counters in perfect order.

Product Features:

1. Material: stainless steel + silica gel

2. Product size: 17.7″ x 15.5″

3. Weight: 13.45 oz/ 0.8 lbs

4. Details: 20 stainless steel pipe, easily roll up

5. Color: Silver