SATINA High Waisted Leggings – 25 Colors – Super Soft Full Length Opaque Slim


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ULTRA SMOOTH & SUPER SOFT – The SATINA High Waisted High Quality Leggings is made of the super soft SATINA “peachskin” fabric. They’re so soft and comfortable, you won’t want to take them off.

HIGH WAISTBAND CREATES SLIMMING EFFECT – The high waist elongates your torso and flattens out any unwanted rolls. The high waistband is stretchy and supportive offering the perfect balance of support and comfort.

THICK & OPAQUE – The SATINA High Waisted Non-See Through Leggings has you covered. Don’t worry about that embarrassing see-through in even the trickiest yoga postures. Breathe easily without feeling like you need to suck-in your stomach all day because the thick and stretchy material firmly holds everything in.

HIGH QUALITY & ABSORBENT – The SATINA High Waisted Fit Leggings is made of thick and high quality sweat wicking fabric.


One Size, Plus Size


01 Capri Black, 01 Capri Brown, 01 Capri Burgundy, 01 Capri Charcoal, 01 Capri Coral, 01 Capri Fuchsia, 01 Capri Gray, 01 Capri Lavender, 01 Capri Lilac Gray, 01 Capri Mauve, 01 Capri Navy, 01 Capri Neon Coral, 01 Capri Old Rose, 01 Capri Olive, 01 Capri Red, 01 Capri Royal Blue, 01 Capri Sea Foam, 01 Capri Tan, 01 Capri Teal, 01 Capri Vintage Violet, 01 Capri White, 01 Capri Wild Ginger, 02 Full Length Black, 02 Full Length Brown, 02 Full Length Burgundy, 02 Full Length Charcoal, 02 Full Length Coral, 02 Full Length Fuchsia, 02 Full Length Gray, 02 Full Length Lavender, 02 Full Length Lilac Gray, 02 Full Length Mauve, 02 Full Length Navy, 02 Full Length Neon Coral, 02 Full Length Old Rose, 02 Full Length Olive, 02 Full Length Red, 02 Full Length Royal Blue, 02 Full Length Sea Foam, 02 Full Length Tan, 02 Full Length Teal, 02 Full Length Violet, 02 Full Length White, 03 Full Length W/ Pockets Black, 03 Full Length W/ Pockets Brown, 03 Full Length W/ Pockets Burgundy, 03 Full Length W/ Pockets Grey, 03 Full Length W/ Pockets Red, 03 Full Length W/ Pockets Tan, 02 Full Length Wild Ginger, 03 Full Length W/ Pockets Charcoal, 03 Full Length W/ Pockets Olive, 03 Full Length W/ Pockets White